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5 Tips for How to Choose Outdoor Lighting

5 Tips for How to Choose Outdoor Lighting

When you stop and consider the lighting inside your home, you might immediately think of the recessed lighting in your kitchen or the cozy glow of your bedside table lamp. In fact, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed thinking about all the lights that make up your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and beyond. The inside of your home can have various types of light sources — and your front porch and backyard are no different.

Exterior lighting comes in all different shapes and sizes. While there is so much to choose from, you may not know where to start. Are you looking to create a certain type of outdoor atmosphere? Is your main goal to entertain guests, or would you prefer to put a spotlight on your beautiful garden? If you need help finding the right solution for your needs, we have some outdoor landscape lighting tips that can help.

Much like the interior of your home, exterior lighting can make or break the look you’re aiming to achieve. Fortunately, making a plan and understanding your needs can make finding the perfect lighting easy. Let’s discuss five top tips for how to choose outdoor lighting.

Make a Plan 

Although decorating any part of your home is fun and exciting, there’s no reason to rush when choosing outdoor light fixtures. In fact, taking your time and writing down measurements are some of the top tips for how to choose outdoor lighting. You don’t want to accidentally buy light fixtures that look too big on your wall or out of place in your landscaping.

Do you want to add lighting to your front porch? Consider measuring your front door. You’ll want to find light fixtures that are only one-third of the height of the door.

Know Your Lighting Needs

When learning about outdoor landscape lighting tips, it’s important to note that not every type of outdoor light fixture has the same purpose or durability. For starters, there are two main types of exterior lighting that you should know about: wet-rated and damp-rated.

Wet-rated lighting is what it sounds like — it can be installed in places that are directly hit by rain and moisture. Think wall lights and various types of landscape lighting. On the other hand, damp-rated lighting cannot be installed where rain and other types of water will touch it. This type of lighting can handle a little dampness or moisture, but certainly not for long periods. Think ceiling lights and ceiling fans.

Along with choosing between damp vs. wet-rated lighting, you will want to consider the beam angle of your spotlights if you wish to install any. Wide beams are excellent for spotlighting landscaping and stone structures, while narrow beams are recommended for spotlighting statues and taller trees.

Put Safety First

Safety is a critical component of outdoor lighting and something many homeowners focus on. Is this also a main concern of yours? If so, you’ll want to survey your yard and find areas that could use extra illumination. Path lights and security lights can provide much-needed peace of mind, especially if your yard is cast into shadow or difficult to navigate at night.

There are many tips for how to choose outdoor lighting, but throughout them all, safety should never be overlooked. When you remember to put safety first with your residential outdoor lighting installation, you can avoid an unwanted injury or security risk.

Determine Your Desired Style

When learning outdoor landscaping lighting tips, know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every home. There are many lighting designs to choose from, but do you know which design fits your style?

For instance, outdoor wall lights can come in various styles. If you have a modern home, you might want to choose a design that’s sleek and minimalistic. If you’re going for a more rustic look, it’s best to consider a design that’s more traditional.

Consider Every Possibility

Installing the right exterior lighting is no small task. However, our tips for how to choose outdoor lighting are not quite over yet. It’s also important to look carefully at your landscaping and hardscaping to ensure that you meet all of your needs. For example, don’t overlook architectural features like retaining walls.

While you may think of retaining walls as only for practical purposes, highlighting them with accent lighting can transform an outdoor space in unexpected ways. Plus, illuminating these structures can provide additional safety.

Let Staley Electric Handle Your Outdoor Lighting Needs

Whether you’re planning to host summer get-togethers or want to increase your family’s safety, exterior lighting can make a notable difference. Combined, these five outdoor landscape lighting tips will allow you to meet your goals and more.
At Staley Electric, our landscape lighting services can help you create a charming outdoor ambiance while putting your safety first. We offer everything from motion sensor lighting to lighting that you can conveniently control from inside your home. Contact us today to see what our electricians can do for you!