Celebrate National Electrical Safety Month With These Tips

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At Staley Electric, our electrical safety lessons began in 1951 when our founder and CEO, R.E. Staley, started this company in his garage. Generations of Staleys have grown up with respect for electricity, and we share our knowledge with our customers. In honor of National Electrical Safety Month, here are some important electrical safety tips and information:

Some Simple But Effective Tips for You and Your Family to Avoid Fire and Shock

  • Routinely check and replace damaged cords and plugs.
  • Don’t run electrical cords under carpets or rugs.
  • Call an electrician for flickering, non-functional, and sparking lights and outlets.
  • “Look up and live” to avoid contact with overhead power lines, including the one to your home.
  • If you’re using extension cords and overloaded power strips long-term, get more outlets installed instead.

A Few Advanced Tips

1. Be careful with spills and broken devices. You can find a few sources of thousands or even tens of thousands of volts in a typical home.

Older televisions (as much as 20 to 50,000 Volts) and microwave ovens (about 2,000 Volts), for example. use higher voltages than you might expect to find around your home. Interlocks prevent exposure to high voltages under normal circumstances.

2. There’s a difference between electric shock from AC power, such as wall outlets, and DC, such as electric vehicle batteries or solar power installations.

DC voltage can cause muscle contraction, making it difficult to let go of the power source. AC voltage can cause the heart to fibrillate, requiring urgent medical attention. Let knowledgeable electricians with the right equipment handle your power.

3. Many homes require power outlet upgrades for safety reasons and electrical code compliance.

Six-foot spacing of outlets reduces the need for extension cords. New outlets also have a childproof design.

At Staley Electric, Our Work is Fairly Priced, and Our Safety Tips Are Free!

We are glad to help ensure that your home electrical service is safe and up-to-date. Many homes can benefit from an electrical panel upgrade, both to replace fuse boxes and to allow for expansion of your home’s circuits. Our expert electricians can perform many services that will make life more convenient for you, too, from adding new outlets and circuits to installing a whole home generator and transfer switch. Call us with your electrical questions and let experienced electricians take care of you.

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