5 Electrical Upgrades to Save You Money in the New Year

man changing lightbulb to LED lightbulb

This year, make sure you actually stick to your financial goals by taking into consideration these five electrical upgrades that can save you money at home.  

LED Light Bulbs

Perhaps the easiest thing you can do is upgrading your light fixtures with LED light bulbs. Unlike incandescent light bulbs, LEDs are manufactured with energy-efficient diode lights that use 75 percent less energy than filament lights. That’s a really big difference — one you will see on your next monthly bill. 

Smart Thermostat

More and more homes have upgraded to smart thermostats not only for increased comfort but for increased savings as well.

Smart thermostats allow homeowners to program the HVAC system around their daily schedule and control the thermostat remotely, giving them more control over their heating and cooling. Additionally, they provide monthly energy reports that you can study to find areas of improvement. 

Smart Outlets

How many devices in your home are currently plugged in but not being used? On average, U.S. households waste about $165 every year on standby power. That may not seem like a significant amount, but why give it to your electricity provider when you could just as easily pocket it for yourself?

With smart outlets, you can eliminate unnecessary energy consumption and annoying outlet repairs!

Electrical Panel

An infographic displaying the scenarios when it’s important to upgrade your electrical panel

High-Quality Surge Protectors

Unexpected blackouts can happen anywhere, even in our beautiful town of Little Rock, AR, or the surrounding areas. And, while waiting for the electricity to come back on is somewhat of a nuisance, the subsequent power surge is what’s really dangerous for your electrical appliances — and, therefore, your wallet. A high-quality surge protector can protect your major home appliances and favorite devices from getting fried. 

Trust us, it’s much better to splurge on a $50 surge protector than a $500 TV replacement.

Energy-Efficient HVAC System

This isn’t an electrical upgrade per se… until you realize that heating and cooling make up almost half of your electricity bill! 

Outdated or neglected HVAC systems utilize more energy to deliver the same amount of warm or cool air throughout the home. Therefore, you find yourself paying more and more for utilities while your comfort level remains stagnant. After a while, this can take quite a toll on your bank account. 

A new HVAC system, while an investment, can help homeowners save thousands a year on monthly electricity bills. The best system for your home — one that is sized correctly and has a high SEER rating — will actually pay for itself in no time at all.

Are you ready to start saving in the new year? We’re happy to help! Contact Staley Electric, the Best Electrician in Central Arkansas, for all your residential electrical service needs!

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