Whole Home Generator

Whole Home Generator

Staley is a KOHLER® Platinum Sales & Service Dealer

Staley Electric has been named a KOHLER® Platinum Sales & Service Dealer.  The Platinum dealer program rewards dealers for providing a high level of quality service for KOHLER® products and their customers. Are you ready to protect your home with KOHLER®? Contact us today.


Wondering why you might need a generator? We’ve got the facts!

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At Staley Electric, we understand that the three most important things you want in your generator are affordability, reliability and quality service. We know that weather is unpredictable in Central Arkansas, but did you know, 87% of power outages in the U.S. are caused by severe weather? To protect your family during ice storms, winter weather and tornado season, we recommend installing a whole home generator. When the power goes out, your lights will come on to allow your family to feel safe and secure.

Without an emergency backup generator, you may experience the following when the power goes out:

  • Uncomfortable temperatures, especially in the middle of winter or summer months
  • No lights, which means no one can do homework, read, etc.
  • No charging outlets for electronics like computers or phones
  • TVs won’t come on
  • Garage won’t open

The potential cost to homeowners due to common power outage damage can include:

  • $10,000 to repair burst or frozen pipes
  • $21,000 to restore a flooded basement
  • $500-$30,000 in mold removal
  • $250-$500 in spoiled food loss
  • $110/night alternative shelter stay


Emergency Backup Power

Are you prepared for a power outage? With a home backup generator, your family will continue to operate as usual, and you won’t have to anticipate when the power will be restored in your neighborhood. A whole home generator is quiet and will automatically turn on / off when needed, and, as part of our service, our team of licensed electricians will take care of everything from the generator installation to the maintenance to ensure your home generator works properly year-round. If you need help purchasing a generator for your home, we have financing options available.

Staley Electric offers Central Arkansas residents with several different brands of quality generators that are built to last, including name brands like Kohler generators and Generac generators. We also offer standby generators, portable generator wiring, generator maintenance, and transfer switches. If you’re ready to protect your home from a power outage, contact us today!


Generator Services in Little Rock, AR

Severe weather is the most common reason Little Rock homes and businesses lose electricity, followed by electrical system failures and simple overloads. Depending on how many other buildings are without electricity following dangerous weather conditions, it could be days or even weeks before electricity is restored. Although failures and overloads are usually quicker to repair, it may take a day or two for electricians to fully restore electricity to your home or business.

Being without electricity is expensive. Spoiled food needs to be thrown away, you may have to spend several days at a hotel, take-out food isn’t cheap, and you might be unable to work. Fortunately, our services consist of a permanent solution to avoiding this catastrophe: backup generators.

We have installed many backup generators for customers living in Benton, Bryant, Hot Springs, Jacksonville, Cabot, and surrounding areas in AR. And we’re never surprised when customers call us after a severe weather event just to thank us for keeping their lights on throughout the ordeal.


How Does a Backup Generator Work?

Also called a “standby” generator, a backup generator supplies electric service to a home or business using propane or natural gas as its fuel source. Unlike portable generators that need to be manually hooked up when the electricity fails, backup generators are already in place and ready to take over powering your home.

Attached to a backup generator is a transfer switch that is automatically triggered when it senses a power outage. You don’t have to do anything to a backup generator when your electricity goes out. Within seconds of having no power, your lights turn back on, refrigerators continue running, and electric water heaters keep providing hot water to your family.

How Much Do Backup Generators and Generator Installation Services Cost?

Different sizes of generators can be purchased from a backup generator dealer, from smaller generators (5kW) that power several lights and one appliance to large, 20kW generators that can power a 3000 sq. ft. residence. Prices for backup generators generally range from $300 to $6000.

How much it costs to have a backup generator professionally installed by our licensed electricians depends on several factors. For example, breaker panel rewiring is needed to ensure the generator and transfer switch takes over during a power outage. This doesn’t take long, but some older homes may also need an electrical panel replacement to accommodate the generator.

If you already have gas lines running into your home or business, a backup generator can easily be hooked into those gas lines. Homes without gas lines will need to have lines installed that run from a fuel source to the generator.

Minor old home electrical repair is sometimes necessary to get backup generators working safely and effectively. Call Staley Electric today for service estimates on generator installation based on your home’s electrical system.

Why Would Generator Repair Be Needed?

Once your standby generator is operable, it will provide reliable backup power for years without needing repair. When our electricians are called for generator repair, problems typically involve a fuel leak, delay in the transfer switch automatically kicking in, or, more rarely, a generator overload. However, even though your standby generator is functioning as expected, it’s always a good idea to have an inspection and maintenance services performed on it at least once a year. We provide these services for all types of generators.

Staley Electric Provides More Than Just Standby Generators Service!

Customers in Benton, Bryant, Hot Springs, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas in AR know they can rely on us for everything from light switch installation and home automation electrical systems to landscape lighting repair and electric panel replacement.

Staley is proud to be a KOHLER® Platinum Sales & Service Dealer. Contact us today for all your electrical needs!

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