Month: September 2023

5 Easy Whole-Home Generator Maintenance Tips

5 Easy Whole-Home Generator Maintenance Tips

Owning a generator is akin to owning a vehicle; they both provide invaluable services, but they also demand care. If you’re searching for easy whole-home generator maintenance tips, you’ve landed at the right spot. This blog will provide the most effective and essential steps on how to maintain a generator to ensure it’s ready to power your home during any unexpected power outages.

Check the Oil Level Regularly

Before starting your generator, always inspect the oil level. Much like our vehicles, generators need sufficient oil to operate efficiently. A low oil level can cause significant damage or complete generator failure in the worst cases.

Are you unsure how to maintain a generator because you’re new to owning one? The rule of thumb is to change the generator’s oil and oil filter every 100 hours of operation or at least once a year, whichever comes first. If you’re using synthetic oil, it might last a bit longer, but always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Inspect the Spark Plugs and Replace as Needed

Over time, spark plugs can become dirty or corroded. If you’re looking for easy whole-home generator maintenance tips that can make a huge difference, it’s essential to inspect and replace them regularly. A worn-out spark plug can cause your generator to run unevenly or even prevent it from starting.

Keep the Air Filter Clean

When discussing easy whole-home generator maintenance tips, we have to mention keeping up with your generator’s air filter. A clean air filter ensures that your generator runs efficiently. This means that a clogged or dirty filter can strain the machine and reduce its lifespan. Regularly inspect the air filter and clean it if it appears dusty or dirty. If it’s worn out or damaged, consider replacing it.

Test Your Generator Every 15 Minutes Monthly

If your backup generator runs on natural gas, there’s not much to worry about in terms of the fuel system. However, for those with gasoline or diesel generators, stale fuel can be a big problem. It’s advisable to run your generator for at least 15 minutes every month. This ensures that all components remain lubricated and any moisture in the system gets burned off.

Check Transfer Switches and Backup Generator Functionality

Transfer switches are crucial for a home standby generator. They detect when there’s a power outage and automatically turn on the generator. Regularly inspect and test your transfer switches to ensure they function correctly during an emergency.

Backup Generator Test Run

Your backup generator isn’t just a showpiece; it’s an emergency power lifeline. Regularly test it to ensure it will kick into action when required. This not only helps in recognizing any operational issues but also ensures that the system is always ready for unexpected power outages.

Don’t Forget About Professional Inspections

While the above generator maintenance tips are essential and easy to follow, nothing beats a professional’s expertise. Especially if you’ve recently had your generator installed, it’s recommended to have a professional assess it periodically.

Looking for Expert Maintenance? We’ve Got You Covered!

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