Month: July 2021

Are LED Lights Better Than Fluorescent Lights?

Are LED Lights Better Than Fluorescent Lights?

Lighting can change the dynamics of any space. The kind of light you use, how much shadow is allowed, and the amount of natural light the area has access to can all change the way someone feels when they’re in the room. 

When it comes to determining which light bulb to use, most modern needs come down to weighing the pros and cons of LED lighting vs. fluorescent lighting. You’re most likely familiar with fluorescent lighting, which has been around for a while and was widely used in the past. But recent advances have made LED technology more affordable than ever, prompting homeowners to consider upgrading. 

The reduced cost of LED lights has been very advantageous for the industry since LED light bulbs come with many benefits that make them the go-to choice for AR electric contractors.

Here are a few of the characteristics that give LED lights an edge in the great debate between LED lighting vs. fluorescent lighting:

They’re More Energy Efficient

LED lighting was designed to use less power without sacrificing light output. In some cases, they can be as much as thirty percent more efficient in reviews between LED lighting vs. fluorescent lighting because each bulb requires less wattage to run. Part of this comes from how LED lighting is designed since it emits light directly from the power draws rather than converting it first into heat that emits the light after.

They Don’t Impact Air Conditioning

LED lights can be especially beneficial during the summertime when you’re running the air conditioner since they don’t emit heat the same way that incandescent bulbs might. Due to the efficient use of energy of LED lighting vs. fluorescent lighting, your air conditioning unit won’t have to compensate for the added heat from the light bulb to keep your home cool. 

Between the reduced wattage of the light bulb itself and the decreased work required by the air conditioner, you’ll end up saving significantly on your utility bills over the summer months.

It’s Greener

LED lighting saves energy compared to traditional tub lighting, which alone makes it a greener technology that can reduce your carbon footprint. However, LED light bulbs also have the benefit of being produced without mercury, making them significantly easier to recycle. This means it has a more negligible impact on the environment, given that it lacks the same degree of toxicity that older light bulbs have.

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