Are you wondering whether or not it’s time to replace an old outlet? While some signs may be obvious, others may be hidden beneath the surface. We’ve compiled a list of signs that let you know it’s time to replace your outlets.

Two Prong Outlets


We mean it, change them!! Two-pronged outlets are ungrounded. What this means is they are at a very high risk of shock, which could ruin appliances. Even if you have a surge protector, that will not protect an ungrounded electrical system. Not only do you have to replace a two-prong outlet, you will also have to have the electrical panel rewired.

Outlets are hot to the touch

We know not many people check the temperature of their outlets, but it’s time to start! Outlets that are hot to the touch are a sign of electrical trouble. This is usually due to loose or damaged wires which can be a huge fire hazard!

Loose Outlets


Everyone has experienced the frustration of a loose outlet, that kind that plugs fall out of no matter the appliance. This is the most commonly ignored problem when it comes to outlets because it doesn’t seem like a big deal. When in reality, a loose connection can put your house at major risk of starting on fire. So replace those loose outlets!!

Outlets are discolored from heat.


If the outlet or surrounding area on the wall is any bit discolored, this is a serious warning sign your outlet is burned, damaged or not installed correctly. This is a putting your home at a huge risk of starting on fire. Never even attempt to use a discolored outlet, losing your home is not worth it! Contact us and a Staley Electrician will be out to have it inspected and addressed immediately.

Sparks, smoke, or burning smells when using outlets.

When plugging appliances into outlets always be sure to keep an ear out for sizzling or popping sounds, this is an indicator that a fire is waiting to happen. Turn off your power and have a Staley Electrician come out to inspect your outlets immediately.