Staley Electric started in 1951 as an electrical company operating in R.E. Staley’s garage in Little Rock. Over 65 years later, we are still delivering excellent electrical service to the people and businesses of Central Arkansas. We’ve always run our business with the same level of honesty and professionalism that helped us from the start.  Continue reading

Simply put, your electrical wiring keeps your home running. However, if your wiring is old or damaged, it can cause major problems, including potential life-threatening hazards. Here’s a handy list of warning signs, helping you spot and correct problems due to outdated or potentially dangerous electrical wiring.

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Arkansas weather can be unpredictable. To protect your family during storms, winter weather and tornado season, we recommend installing a home generator. We will take care of everything from the installation to the maintenance to ensure your home generator works properly year-round. A whole home generator is quiet and will automatically turn on/off when needed. Continue reading