The History of Staley Electric

Staley Electric started in 1951 as an electrical company operating in R.E. Staley’s garage in Little Rock. Over 65 years later, we are still delivering excellent electrical service to the people and businesses of Central Arkansas. We’ve always run our business with the same level of honesty and professionalism that helped us from the start. 

Check out the video below of Brent explaining the history of Staley Electric:

“I just want to share with you how we got started in this business in 1951. My grandfather decided he didn’t want to work for anybody anymore. He had been trained to be an electrician in the Navy during World War II and worked in a couple of plants here in Little Rock and then he just decided he wanted to start his own business. So he went out and started wiring homes for people. He started putting in outlets for air conditioning. Air conditioning was new at the time and everybody had to have a window unit. I guess for the first 10 years of his career the majority of his work was residential wiring. We’re still doing the very same services today that we did 70 years ago. And that’s something we’re very proud of. Our business grew as a family business. We’re in the third generation of ownership and all of us are electricians and we just love this work. And so we’re going to continue to serve the people of Little Rock with great electrical service whether it’s in their home or in their office in their business or in their industrial plant.” – Brent Staley

Because of each and every one of you, Staley Electric was voted Best Electrician (Best of the Best 2018) by readers of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette! We appreciate you all for voting, and as Brent said in the video, we will continue to serve the people of Little Rock with great electrical service. We are here 24/7/365 for all your electrical needs. Our friendly and professional electricians take the stress and worry out of your home and commercial projects. Give us a call at 501-214-7534

Staley Electric Culture – Troy Lampley

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Staley Electric Services, LLC, Electrician, Little Rock, AR
Staley Electric Services, LLC, Electrician, Little Rock, AR