Weather Any Storm with a Whole-Home Generator

Power outages can strike any time at any place, and they’re especially prone to happen during severe weather. When it’s tornado season in Central Arkansas, it’s important to make sure you’re protecting your home and family from the stress of a power outage. Not only are they stressful, but they can also be costly and even dangerous. Food can spoil, people who depend on medical devices are put at risk, and during winter weather, pipes can freeze. How can you protect your home from severe weather and power outages?

A whole-home generator can restore your home’s power whether you’re home or away! Whole-home generators work by storing energy that is used when the system detects a problem with your home’s power. Within seconds after a power outage, the generator will turn on and generate electricity until your utility power is restored.

Our team at Staley Electric understands the importance of keeping your home running smoothly, no matter the weather. Our team of electricians will take care of everything from the installation of your whole home generator, to the maintenance. We will ensure that your home generator works properly year-round. Staley Electric is a KOHLER® Platinum Sales & Service Dealer. The Platinum dealer program rewards dealers for providing a high level of quality service for KOHLER® products and their customers. If you’re ready to weather any storm, give us a call at 501-214-7534 or fill out our form on our homepage to contact us. Need more information about whole-home generators? Download our Why You Need A Generator guide!

Staley Electric offers residential electrical services for any and every job. Whatever your needs may be – electrical repairs, new indoor and outdoor lighting installations, or commercial electrical projects – we can handle it!


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Staley Electric Services, LLC, Electrician, Little Rock, AR
Staley Electric Services, LLC, Electrician, Little Rock, AR