Residential Electrical Contractors in Conway, AR

Residential Electrical Contractors in Conway, AR

Power outages and electrical problems can happen during extreme weather but also when you least expect them. Luckily, there’s an experienced team of Arkansas contractors ready to help during these times!

Since 1951, the local electricians of Staley Electric have provided central Arkansas residents with many different services, such as landscape lighting installation and wiring maintenance. Here’s a look at several of the other services we offer to help the electricity flow naturally in your home.

Schedule a Service With a Local Electrician

Did a recent thunderstorm disrupt your house’s power system? Call Staley Electric to schedule an appointment if you need circuit breaker repair or other electric work done on your home. Our talented team can help replace the fuse in your breaker system if it’s gotten too old over the years. The more electrical appliances you use at once in your home, the more strain is put on your circuit breaker. With too much strain, it can overload and require maintenance. Our electricians can help upgrade your current home’s breaker as well.


Keep Your Home Safe With a Generator Installation Conway, AR

Power outages can do more than turn off the lights in the middle of the night; they can cause food to spoil, increase indoor humidity that accelerates mold growth, and more issues that can cause homeowners money. But with a generator installation from Staley Electric, you won’t have to deal with the costly penalties of lost power. Our local electricians can also work to maintain the condition of your generator and ensure it won’t turn off in the middle of a dangerous storm or in other times you need it the most.

Electrical Wiring Services From a Trusted Company

Do you hear crackling sounds coming from your electric panel or can’t run a new home appliance at full power? Then you might need to have a local electrician look at your electric panel! No matter if you need electrical panel repair, installation, or maintenance, Staley Electric is prepared to mend your electric panel and wires throughout your home so everything can function at peak performance. We can also send contractors over to help replace your old panel, so you’ll be able to install and handle more electrical appliances throughout your home.

Never Get Stuck in the Dark With Our Emergency Electrical Services in Conway, AR

A generator installed by one of Staley Electric’s local electricians will help you out in emergency situations. Whether it’s the harsh winds of a tornado or the destructive power of a hailstorm, inclement weather can shut off the flow of electricity to your home by damaging vital components. Without power, you and your family will have trouble opening your electronic garage door if you need to flee, won’t be able to see easily without the brightness of electronic lights, and other problems that can threaten your safety. But with the backup power from a Staley Electric generator, you won’t have to worry about those issues!

If you need help addressing electric problems in your home, contact our local electricians today to schedule an appointment!

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