As tornado season in Arkansas approaches, we all know that the only type of preparing we can do before a storm hits is to have all of the batteries, flashlights, and candles we can dig out of the closet. But, with a whole-home generator, there is no need to have the flashlights on standby!


Power outages trigger generators to switch to generator power until local power is restored. Having a generator as backup won’t only keep you and your family comfortable in the wake of a storm, but will also keep the food in your refrigerator fresh. If you need to leave in the middle of a power outage, you will also be able to open your automatic garage!

Not only will a generator be well worth the investment in the time of need, it will also increase the value of your home! If you are in need of a whole home generator, a house rewire, outlet repair, or any other residential or commercial electric needs, give Staley Electric a call at (501) 565-3006! Visit our website to learn more or to send us an email.