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How to Hire the Right Electrician

How to Hire the Right Electrician

Are you needing an outlet repair or a dimmer installation? When you hire an electrician you want to make sure to get the job done right. Finding the best person to get the job done can be a hassle, but when you ask the right questions it can save you time and money, and you can find an electrician you can trust.

Ask to see a proof of insurance and a license. Make sure your contractor’s license and proof of insurance are up to date and ask what their insurance policy covers in the case that something happens.

What previous work has the contractor done? Ask for a list of references from previous jobs so that you can check out past work the contractor has done.

What kind of specialized jobs have they completed? Some electrical jobs are more complicated than others. If you have a job that needs more work than your typical outlet repair, make sure your contractor is right for the job.

Do they provide 24/7 support? Electrical problems can arise at any minute. Being able to talk to someone and resolve the problem or to schedule at any time is important.

Get an estimate. Ask for a quote for each project you have as well as parts and labor. Get the terms of your job in writing so that you and the contractor both understand what is expected of the job and the price.

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