Staley Electric recently hosted a friendly electric competition to show off our skills.

Sometimes, it is all fun and games! The Staley Electric staff recently hosted a friendly electric competition to show off our skills! And, based on performance, our electricians also earned the chance to advance to a regional or national meet.
We had four different categories of contestants, including:

  • Individual Apprentice
  • Individual Pro
  • Apprentice Team (of 3)
  • Professional Team (of 3; meaning those who hold an electrical license)

Our events consisted of several tasks that had to be completed in a somewhat specific order, and everything was timed:

  1. Cut four pieces of #12 THHN wire.
  2. Strip two of the wires on one end, then add a third #12 pre-stripped stranded wire and twist on a wire nut to make a joint.
  3. Strip the other two wires on both ends, terminate them onto a single pole switch, then conclude by testing their continuity through the switch using a meter.

Not only did we have quite a few contestants, we had an audience, too. As time went on throughout the competition, several “late entry” contestants became involved. Those in attendance from Ideal Corporation, who hosts the national-level event of these games, said that this was the largest event of its kind that had ever been hosted in the region!

Our very own Brent Staley got the slowest individual time (slow and steady!) and received a pair of used lineman’s’ pliers that were nearly 25 years old as his “prize.”

Here are the overall results:

1st Place Professional – Ben Deaver (0:57.31)

2nd Place Professional – Johnny Mahan (0:58.8)
1st Place Apprentice – Tanner Bates (1:02.43)

2nd Place Apprentice – Justin Howard (1:05.07)
1st Place Professional Team – Ben, Chris, and Kyle (3:18)

1st Place Apprentice Team – Gavin, Tanner, Garett (3:38.54)
…and dead last, Brent Staley! (2:28.48)

Thank you to each and every one of our participants! We had a fantastic turnout, and we simply can’t wait to host our “Staley Games” again next year. Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to the Ideal Corporation for joining us!