Warmer weather is on its way! Soon everyone will be getting ready for spring cleaning. Before you take the leaf blower out of that garage closet, read these spring cleaning tips for your home electric system to keep everyone safe.

Inspect all electrical cords: Damaged or worn out electrical cords not only put you at risk of electrocution but can also be a risky fire hazard. Inspect all cords thoroughly and repair or replace any worn out or frayed cords.

Refrain from using cords with a missing ground pin: A third pin added to the bottom acts as the grounding element. While it can be tempting to remove the pin in order for the plug to be usable in 2 prong outlets, the ground pin is actually a very important safety element that must not be tampered with. Cords with missing ground pins can cause deadly electric shock.

Don’t overextend the use of extension cords: Extension cords aren’t made for long term use. They are meant to be short-term solutions as extended use can wreak havoc on your electrical system. Never place extension cords under rugs or mats or let them run underneath doors where they could be damaged.

Call a professional: Electrical safety tips are always helpful, but sometimes an expert’s help is needed! Call Staley Electric for all residential electric needs, including outlet repair, a house rewire, and more.

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