Be smart about making the season bright! ‘Tis the season for Christmas lights and decorations. Staley Electric is here with some tips and advice on how to ensure that you and your family stay safe around electricity during the most wonderful time of the year.

Don’t overload those electrical outlets! You can have too much plugged into a standard outlet, which can easily cause them to overheat or ignite. This can be especially dangerous around a Christmas tree, which can be rather flammable (particularly when dry). Follow instructions on your lights and decorations to make sure you’re not running too many watts through your outlets, and give Staley Electric a call if there is a particular area of your home that needs additional outlets, new wiring, or outlet repair to handle the demand.

Inspect cords and wires for damage or fraying before use. Lots of Christmas decorations tend to be in storage for long periods of time, and they also tend to be quite dated. We recommend taking a close, careful look before plugging anything in! As always, use common sense and follow manufacturer’s instructions for operating any decorations, such as lights or yard ornaments.

Is it time to replace those outdated lights? Traditional incandescent Christmas lights use more electricity, are less energy-efficient, and burn hotter than newer and improved LED versions. If it’s been a few years since you’ve replaced your lights, now may be the time. Also, remember to unplug your lights when not in use, such as during the daylight hours or while you’re sleeping, to avoid overheating and potential fire risk.

If you’re in need of home electric repair, contact Staley Electric today! Our professional electricians serve Central Arkansas. Whether you need an electrical upgrade, whole home generator, or any other need, our residential electric company is glad to serve.