Saving money on utility bills in the winter can sometimes be difficult, because we are running our heat constantly to try and keep warm. One trick we have to try and help with this problem is to check on your whirlybird on your house.

Whirlybirds are designed to spin to keep air/heat flowing out of your attic. But, in the winter months, you want your whirlybird to spin as minimal as possible. The more heat that is in your attic, the warmer your house will be, therefore saving you money on your utility bills.


Do-it-yourself electrical work can be tricky and ultimately end unfinished. We often get calls from homeowners who have quit the job due to frustration, and we want to help alleviate those frustrations for both the homeowner and their family.  Experienced clients are certainly encouraged to do as much electrical work at home as they are comfortable with, but our goal is to help you with the tough parts. At Staley Electric, we encourage you to call us for advice before you ever begin the work because our licensed electricians can walk you through some of the proper steps of at-home electrical projects

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