We’ve got a tip for you on socket and outlet repairs. In the video below, the two solutions, replacement or rewiring, for a broken or faulty outlet are explained.

How do you know if your electrical switch or outlet needs to be repaired or replaced? If you notice that the outlet is hot to the touch, does not provide power, blows fuses, or trips breakers when engaged, is spinning, or if the light is not working, then one of our local electricians can diagnose your issue. There are two solutions to your outlet problem. You can either replace the fixture with a new one or call Staley Electric and one of our experienced electricians can rewire the current fixture. If the fixture is inexpensive, it is more feasible to just replace it. This will take less time and save more money than rewiring the outlet. Most fixtures can be bought at a local supply house for $30-40. However, if it’s a fixture you love and have to have, Staley Electric can rewire it for you with ease.

A quick tip: Know before you call if it is a fixture you can replace or if it is a fixture you need and want it to be rewired. Rewiring is more expensive, but it is necessary if you are dead set on a certain fixture. We are happy to help you with any outlet repair needs you may have.

Staley Electric’s local trusted electricians will keep you from getting overwhelmed with the different choices and recommend the solution that best fits your electrical needs. If you need an electrician in Little Rock for any electric or outlet repairs, Staley Electric is here for you! Give us a call at 501-565-3006.