The appliances in our home are often overlooked daily as we move along with our day-to-day activities. Inspecting these appliances to ensure that they are working properly and that we are following these safety tips can make your home a safer place.

Don’t use damaged cords. Inspect all cords before use to check for frayed or cut cords, missing ground prongs, or exposed wiring. Cords and plugs that show signs of wear or damage need to be replaced.

Remove cords from the wall using the plug, not the cords. Pulling the cords out of the wall causes wear and tear that can damage the wires inside of the cords, causing the cord to stop working.

Don’t overload a power strip. Most power strips don’t regulate power flow or block electrical spikes or surges. It should never be assumed that a power strip protects against surges.

Keep electrical cords tucked away in a neat and tidy space. Pets might chew on electrical cords causing damage to the cord and may shock your furry friend.

Always call a certified electrician to do any wiring in your home. Don’t attempt electrical repairs or rewiring without the right certification and experience. It is always best to call a licensed electrician for any electrical problems you have.

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