Hey guys, I want y’all to meet one of our great techs, Charles Callahan. Let’s go ask him a few questions. 

What made you want to get into this profession? Honestly, I never really wanted to be an electrician. 

You didn’t? No. 

Did you lose a bet? No, I was working at Wal-Mart and got offered a job with an apprentice and thought it’d be pretty cool opportunity. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do and started and ended up liking it. I’ve now been in the electrician business for about 14 years now. 

What is it that you really enjoy about working at Staley? I feel more at home here. I feel like Staley really cares more about our customers. We really look out for them and try to be there to help anytime it’s needed. 

Weren’t you a recent winner of the Yes attitude award? Yes sir, having a Yes attitude is one of Staley’s core values. 

 What does having a Yes attitude mean? I feel like having a Yes attitude means when you run into problems, you find solutions for them. There’s no I can’t do this mentality. It’s always “yes, I can make this happen if that’s what you want.” 

Tell me one of the most meaningful experiences that you’ve had where you were able to help a customer. A time that has really stuck with you and you knew you did a good job and took care of the customer. 

I’ve worked for a couple of elderly ladies that needed a bunch of work to be done. The tasks they needed to be done were not hard. It was something as easy as putting up light fixtures, changing out fans, and putting in exhaust fans. But to these ladies, I was doing something unbelievable being able to install all of that for them. They were so grateful. I mean, they literally chased me around the house with a cup of tea and made sure I wasn’t hungry or thirsty. I got to see firsthand how grateful they were that I was there, and I was doing something that I personally didn’t think was difficult. I was doing things I do every day. However, to these women, it was just amazing that I was able to go in there and knock out these fixtures left and right. Customers like that have always stayed with me because people are so grateful for the stuff we do. It’s a great feeling knowing I can help customers.

 That’s great. Well, that ladies and gentlemen, is what a Yes attitude is. And that’s one of our core values here at Staley. I wanted you to meet Charles because he embodies all that we believe in when it comes to taking care of the client. 

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