electrician-service-panel-electricianAn electrical service panel can only hold a certain amount of power. If you’re in an older home, it may not be equipped to handle the electrical needs today. We have more and more items requiring electrical power, including outdoor lighting, hot tubs, central air conditioning and home entertainment systems. To power all these systems, your electrical service panel may need an upgrade!

Staley Electric can also identify if your circuit breaker is in optimal working condition. We will test the amperage entering any given circuit in your electrical system to ensure your home is protected. It’s important for your circuit breakers to be functioning properly as extreme power surges can fry circuits which can lead to damaged electronics or even fire. Staley Electric and our Central Arkansas electricians also offer whole home surge suppression systems to protect your electronics.

Staley Electric has dozens of Little Rock electricians in Central Arkansas that can quickly address your electrical service panel needs. From repair to new installations, our local electricians are trained to get the job done quickly and professionally. Make sure your home is in good hands with a licensed electrician from Staley Electric.

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